Delta Premium Ltd is first manufacturer of professional protective packaging in Ukraine – containers which is made of impact-resistant plastic. We design large containers of any complexity to protect fragile equipment in the most extreme conditions of transportation and storage. In addition, our assortment has rack containers U6.

The quality of our products meets international requirements for protective containers, and the price is more acceptable for the Ukrainian market in comparison with foreign counterparts. Our products are made from the highest quality raw materials and components, which is confirmed by laboratory tests.

You can choose and buy a box from the currently existing dimensional grid or contact us to design a model according to your requirements.

General characteristics

Light weight
(30% lighter than wooden boxes)

Material of metal accessories cases is stainless steel with blackening

Case material is weatherproof polyethylene with high UV resistance

Wheel material is soft, quiet, abrasion resistant polyurethane

Handles material is plastic with reverse mechanism, which can withstand up to 200 kg

Bearing material is stainless steel

Strength indicators

-40С° to +60С°

operating temperature

+300 С°

ignition temperature

+130 С°

melting point

27 МРа/3900 Psi

tensile strength


the degree of protection

1,25 кг/дм3

positive buoyancy

62 Shore

surface hardness

-40 С° 28 J/mm

impact strength

Преимущества кейсов Delta Сase

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Features of protective containers

Protective plastic cases are equipped with special cradles. They fit inside. They are made of polyurethane foam, which gently fix the object and prevent it from hitting hard walls.

The lodgement is made to order. The buyer provides data on the shape of the item that is planned to be stored in the box. On the basis of this form, the manufacturer develops an original lodgment.

Rack cases have replaced traditional cabinets as more secure storage for fragile items. The material of the racks reliably protects the contents from vibration, shock, temperature changes and other external influences.

The possibility of flooding is not excluded. Previously, safety boxes were made of wood to minimize the risk of flooding. Modern technologies have made it possible to manufacture them from shockproof materials and at the same time maintain positive buoyancy at a high level.

Sealed cases are made to suit different weather conditions. The developers assumed that during operation it would be exposed to rain and snow. Therefore, they made it completely waterproof.

Product capacity

The Delta Case product catalog contains samples of various sizes. The plastic case with internal dimensions 1940 x 650 x 470 will hold items of considerable length. Long-barreled rifles, professional video equipment, oblong field tools – everything fits.

The lodgement is made to order. The buyer provides data on the shape of the item that is planned to be stored in the box. On the basis of this form, the manufacturer develops an original lodgment.

Boxes are suitable for storing a large number of things. Space will be found for numerous hunting devices, apparatus for search and rescue operations and research expeditions.

Container DU 7854 – 4411 is suitable for small equipment. It is used to carry laptops, expensive equipment, money blocks. Weight 17.4 makes it easy to transport and carry in difficult terrain.

Modern problems often require you to buy shock-resistant cases in large quantities. But there are too few producers in Ukraine itself. Even fewer companies are ready to sell goods in bulk in the shortest possible time and deliver them at any distance.

Testing of our products

Professional check

In its manufacture, the weapon case required the use of several quality control methods. Shore’s method involves alternately striking the body with a special mechanism. This checks how resistant the product is to the difficulties of transporting over rough terrain.

Successful transportation of weapons and other expensive items is impossible without high vibration resistance, resistance to rain and cold. The experts took into account all possible threats and checked the containers in laboratory conditions.

The handles are the most vulnerable part of the product. Verifying the quality of the holders required the use of special technologies. Experts have made sure that the pens will withstand stress, which in real conditions is almost impossible to achieve.

It is problematic to buy protective cases of suitable quality in Kiev. Most manufacturers do not have the proper testing equipment.


Individual production of cases for storage under the order
Production of lodgment from foamed polyethylene or plastazot
Customization of cases to specific customer requirements
Warranty and after-sales service

To discuss questions and conditions of cooperation in person or by phone, fill out the form – our manager will contact you shortly!