LLC “Delta Premium” is the first Ukrainian manufacturer of professional protective packaging – containers made of impact-resistant plastic. We design large containers of any complexity to protect fragile equipment in the most extreme conditions of transportation and storage. The quality of our products meets international requirements in protective packaging, while the price is more acceptable for the Ukrainian market compared to foreign counterparts. Our products are made from the highest quality raw materials and components, which is confirmed by laboratory tests. You can pick up and buy a box with a currently existing dimensional grid or contact us to design a model according to your requirements.

Welded cases "DELTA CASE"

If you have to work with electronic equipment outdoors, it is necessary to protect the equipment during transportation, as well as at the place of use from adverse weather conditions. A professional-grade 19″ rack-mounted container keeps your equipment protected while you get the job done.

Welded cases

SKU Inner Outer Weight
Length Width Body depth Cover depth Length Width Height
DU-7373-3716K 650 650 335 135 725 725 535 17

With a wide range of options, Delta Case protective cases can be tailored to meet the specific needs of any task, combining maximum protection and functionality even in the toughest conditions.