Delta Case protective сase design

Constructional design takes an important role among the entire process of a protective case manufacturing. The most important thing is to take into account customer requirements and production features. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the following main driving details, which can be seen in the following steps:


At the first stage of development, the case sizes are agreed, both internal and external, although they are interconnected, the first outline model of the future container is created


The next important stage is the determination and placement of stiffeners. The case strong will depend on this. It also affects the number of locks and hinges that are placed and calculated at the same stage.


The third main detail is stacking. It is very convenient, saves storage space and significantly increases the stability of the stacked structure.


To ensure tightness in the designated areas of the box, projections and depressions are designed to accommodate and infringe the sealing rubber, tightly connects the lid and body of the container.


The final step in case design is calculations, and the finished product is tested for strength using CAE (Computer-aided engineering) systems. The resulting 3D model is subjected to various possible loads. and the ultimate results of the loads of the plastic cover and body are obtained. Thus the limiting results of loads of a plastic cover and the case are received.

Delta Case is one of not many companies in Ukraine that designs plastic protective cases for a client’s order. A team of constructional designers will develop the container to the needs of the customer, taking into account all the subtleties and many years of experience in the production of boxes of this type.