Advantages and characteristics of Delta Case protective cases

Delta Case

Main characteristics

Impact-resistant case is a special container designed to protect the contents during transportation and long-term storage. It is made of shockproof all-weather polyethylene, which is highly resistant to ultraviolet light. The rotoformed method of production provides the relative lightness of the subject.

The material of the box allowed to reduce the weight by 30% compared to wooden counterparts. Product parts are also made of high quality raw materials:


Metal hinges are made of stainless steel.


Handles are made of plastic, equipped with a return mechanism. Withstand 200 kg of weight.


Wheels are made of polyurethane. The material makes movement silent, resists abrasion.


Bearings are made of stainless steel.

Mortise wheels

Lock under seal

Plastic handles

Hinged cover

Metal handles

Crane loop

Polyurethane wheels

Pressure equalization valve

Cases for devices are completely made taking into account the vicissitudes of the weather and the difficulties of the road.

Protective properties

Delta case is shock-resistant, waterproof, resistant to cold and vibration. The tests confirmed these properties:

The airtight case was tested by sprinkling: it was rained for 5 hours with an intensity of 5 mm/min. As a result, the inside has remained dry. The shell is waterproof.

The container was filled with sand, kept in a climate chamber for 4 g. The temperature reached -30C °. Then the case was tested for strength: dropped from a height of 1 meter on a concrete surface with the bottom, side, butt end. Result: the object survived, the side and butt end holders were not damaged. Cold resistance test passed. Permissible operating temperature is -40C ° – + 60C °.

The plastic box was loaded with sand and fixed on the table of the impact stand. The test consisted of 110,000 strokes with an 8g overload. The duration of the shock pulses was 15 ms. The result: no damage, impact resistance is confirmed.

The product was fixed on the power floor. The side handles are attached to the hydraulic cylinder. The load on them was increased to failure. The first broke at a load of 204 kgf, the second – 214 hp. The test proved the stability of the holders.

The container has been vibrating for 2 hours on the table of the vibrating table with a frequency of 26 Hz and an overload of 2 g. The case remained intact: vibration resistance is proven.

The tests revealed the following strength indicators:

  1. Positive buoyancy: 1.25 kg/dm3.
  2. Surface Hardness: 62 Shore.
  3. Ignition point: +300 C °.
  4. Strength: 27 MPa/3900 Psi.
  5. Protection Level: IP65e.
  6. Impact strength: -40 ° C 28 J/mm.
  7. melting point: +130 C °.

Due to the waterproofness, shockproofness, tightness of the case, the contents will remain intact regardless of the severity of the operating conditions.

The protective containers using

A plastic case will serve the owner most of his life: the service life exceeds 40 years. Warranty is 3 years.

The product is manufactured according to military standards and is available for use in hard conditions. The manufacturing provides models in different colors.

The container is suitable for weapons and other bulky items: internal dimensions reach 1940x650x470, depending on the model.

The depth of the case reaches 417 mm, the lid – 135 mm. This will allow using the product for equipment of different sizes.

The container is suitable for weapons and other bulky items:

  • Equipment
  • Tools
  • Documents, securities
  • Jewelry
  • Expensive dishes
  • Antiques
  • Equipment
  • Office equipment

It is quite difficult to buy goods of similar quality in Ukraine: import models are expensive, domestic production is not established. There are not enough centers capable of providing warranty and after-sales service and customizing the product to the specific requirements of the client.

It is important not to miss the opportunity to purchase a product from the manufacturer that can ensure the safety of large fragile items.